Choosing Carpet for a Kids Room: What You Need to Know

Are you giving the kids room a makeover? Changing the carpet is a great way to freshen up the room and keep it clean, attractive and comfortable, but you do need to be careful with the design, color, and texture you choose. Consider buying the best canister vacuum you can find as well. The kids room is possibly one of the most accident-prone rooms in the house – it needs to endure food and drink spills, mud tracking, and arts and crafts project mishaps. As a result, choosing the right carpet for a kids room involves picking out the right materials, texture, and color; here’s what you need to know:

1. Invest in the Scotchguard or Teflon coated carpet. These are treated with chemicals that prevent stains from seeping into the carpet for good. This type of carpet is perfect for the kids room, especially for those that serve as playrooms and family rooms where you expect food and drink to be a common occurrence.

2. Look for track-resistant carpet. Berber carpet is perfect for the kids room because it doesn’t leave footprints or other marks from tread. When your kids leave their shoes on in their room, you won’t have to worry about extra wear and tear with track-resistant carpet.

3. Go for a middle tone carpet color. Avoid the all-beige or super-dark colors, and go for a neutral brown, tan, or dark shade of cream instead. These colors give you just the right balance of making the room seem larger, and can still hide mud, dirt, or dust. Middle tone carpet colors can also be topped with play mats and rugs with ease.

4. Don’t pick velvet or plush styles. No matter how cozy and comfortable these types of carpet may seem, they’re not suitable for kids rooms because they are hard to clean and maintain. This type of carpet is best-suited for guest rooms and rooms that do not get a lot of use.

5. Pick carpet made primarily of nylon. This is the best choice for carpets in high traffic areas, according to It’s durable, maintains its color, and the fibers are unlikely to unravel over time.

6. Try recycled carpet or rugs for the kids room. Carpets made from recycled material are usually made with PET, and these are water resistant, durable, and have limited static. These are great for rough areas or playrooms.

7. Avoid wool carpets. Wool may be stain resistant, but it can wear out easily and won’t withstand too much pressure and traction for too long. Choose nylon or a nylon blend for the kids room whenever possible.

Choosing the right type of carpet for your kids room will help you keep the room clean and safe for years to come; just pick out the right fibers, colors, and style to give your kids room that much-needed makeover.


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