DMT God Experience

You, like most people, must have perceived the possibility of a parallel world. Whether it exists or not I will leave it to your judgment. Many have confessed to a divine feeling of bliss after an encounter with the DMT God’. They can actually see, hear and feel things that are clearly connected to a higher force. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is Humanity’s ariGod Drug’ that is responsible for this effects. This recreational drug induces near death, spiritual, mystical and other-worldly experiences. Needless to say, this drug has been outlawed in the whole world. Let us get the deeper understanding of the entire DMT drug and experience.

Method of Using DMT

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is theoretically produced in the Pineal Gland of the human brain. This is the proverbial third eye greatly talked about. However, there is the drug that can be taken to experience this feeling. This dDGod Drug’ can be injected, consumed in ayahuasca tea or smoked. This drug is purportedly not for the meek or the faint hearted. Like any other hallucinogen drug, DMT rehab is real. 50 mg of the drug is the suggested dose for a full blown experience. However, majority of users are blown away on 10mg and the robust ones may push the limits to 25mg.


DMT God Experience

Unlike other hallucinogen drugs, DMT descriptions point to tangible things. It is not a wonder that there is always a reference to ‘discarnate entities’ inhabiting the DMT realm and the accompanying ‘Elves’. What you hear, see or feel when described to another person sounds like an alien abduction. Skeptically, some are curious to establish the crossover point between the DMT universe and the actual universe. The privileged ones get to stay and some are told never to return to the

DMT Universe

While in the realm, the same being keeps on appearing on different occasions. This becomes the symbol of Godhood. It is infinitely more intelligent and evolved. The being is totally dominated by the true essence of love. There is still a question that begs an answer: Is the DMT God just a greater perception of us or a separate entity?

Impact of the DMT Experience

Majority of the drug users have claimed that their DMT trips were life changing. They claim to have been opened up to new ideas and spiked creativity. Having the sense of the existence of a place for consciousness beyond the physical realm has greatly alleviated the fear of death. The subjective impression of seeming independent of their being and staying in contact with consciousness was very thrilling.

The Santo Daime churches in the US won the right to ingest an ancient tea, ayahuasca as part of their religious practices. When brewed, the ancient tea forms active DMT. You are definitely forming some ideas. Speculations say that although DMT may give an explanation to the brain’s reason for seeing other entities and worlds, it is not clearly explained whether they are authentic things that the brain tunes in to or the brain’s whole creations. The experience under the veil might prove to be the breakthrough you have been waiting for a broader perspective of the universe.


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